Since my post 19 Things I Did (Or Didn’t Do) was a favorite last year, I figured I would share 19 things I did, or didn’t, do in 2017.

Keep in mind, this is meant to be a quick reflection. Overthinking it will just lead to the desire to impress. (And #ImpressingIsExhausting.) If you want to give it a shot, jot down the first things that come to mind, no matter how random or quirky they may be.

19 things I did – or didn’t do – in 2017

  1. Didn’t post a selfie (yep, like that one above) for affirmation. (Saved my “I feel pretty” moments for my husband only.)
  2. Quit a job I was good at simply because it left my soul empty.
  3. Ran a marathon.
  4. Peed my pants more than once because of said marathon.
  5. Didn’t complete Whole30. (It would be generous to say I completed 9 days.)
  6. Stopped creeping on people who used to be in my life.
  7. Got a mentor.
  8. Survived three months (and counting) with twin toddlers in our care full-time.
  9. Read less because I was on social media more. #lame
  10. Ate a lot of prepackaged foods with preservatives. (And fed them to the children as well.)
  11. Didn’t get published.
  12. Handled conflict with grace, class, and only a few cuss words with Jesus.
  13. Didn’t let other people’s emails and texts become my to-do lists. (A revelation that has changed my life over the last few months!)
  14. Realized my biggest temptations and sought accountability.
  15. Considered looking into botox for my forehead wrinkle. (Is this mid-twenties???)
  16. Punched my bathroom door when I got super angry.
  17. Forgave myself.
  18. Tried wearing all natural, organic, vegan make-up. (That lasted for about 2 weeks.)
  19. Practiced listening during hard conversations without getting defensive.

2017 flew by like no other year has for me. With more transitions than I’ve ever endured in a single year, I was knocked off my high horse more than once. In summary, 2017 kept me humble.

In the words of another writer whose heart I adore, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” – C.S Lewis. The last 3 months of 2017 were full of the best, hardest, and most selfless days in my life thus far. That’s what kids will do to you, I suppose.

Your turn to share in the comments below! (I really never intended for this space to be a monologue. Get the conversation going!)

What did you do (or not do) this year?

What did you learn this year?

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

Raising a glass to the new year,


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Hi! I miss you on IG, so I came over here and saw this post. It spoke to me. In 2017, I did not become pregnant. I also did not have any miscarriages. I became more intentional about speaking with my boys about God and Jesus. I watched too much tv. I started game nights with my husband.


Hi Karen! You’re sweet to think of me during my absence on social. I miss the connectedness with others, but it has truly been such a breath of fresh air to take a break. I’m grateful I’ve been able to give 100% focus on the twins. Love what you shared did and did not happen in your world this year. Game nights are so fun! Do you guys play Bananagrams? I geek out over that one, ha!


Hey Manda, I also popped in because I missed your social media presence, but LOVE that you are doing what’s best for you in this season. Also, these blog posts are so fun – I remember the one you did last year too and may have to join in on the fun one of these years and do one of my own inspired by yours. 😉

I pray that your 2018 is BLESSED and full of so much JOY! I look forward to seeing all God does in your life this year.


Aw, thanks for dropping by, Kaci! Means a lot 🙂 Really grateful to have cheerleaders in my life who I haven’t even met in person yet, such as yourself. PS. Let’s make that meet up happen!!


Just jumped here on a link from someone else. I do some social media dieting, and I’m usually not missing any of it. During times of turmoil, it is just one more rock in my wagon I don’t need. Thanks for reminding me…


Absolutely, Karen!

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