Dear E,

Thank you for not complimenting me in excess like most guys do during the beginning of a dating relationship.

Thank you for acknowledging things you adored about me that were beyond my physical appearance.

Thank you for confusing me by not making me your #1 and not allowing me to make you my #1.

Thank you for teaching me in the most gentle way that Jesus is the only man I should ever put on a pedestal.

Thank you for being a great teammate.

Thank you for taking the lead and stepping on my (out-of-place) toes instead of stepping back.

Thank you for never letting me win and forcing me to quit being a sore loser whenever I lose.

Thank you for making mistakes so that I have to actually live out what I preach; grace upon grace.

Thank you for pursuing me even when I couldn’t provide for you physically the way every new wife intends.

Thank you for not keeping score even when I have.

Thank you for forgiving me when I am disrespectful and/or being a brat.

Thank you for challenging me to talk less so that others may talk more.

Thank you for seeing me at my ugliest (and I’m not referring to outward appearance here) and refusing to tolerate it.

Thank you for being vulnerable and embracing my vulnerability.

Thank you for building me up when I am low.

Thank you for humbling me when I am high.

Thank you for choosing me be your wife.

Let’s give thanks. It feels good to say it, hear it, and you never know who needs it. 

With a full heart,


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