Dear Diary

I gave myself permission to take a month off blogging. I thought I needed it. Then, after a few days of suppressing the desire to scratch my itch. I sat and wrote. Freeing my soul, worshiping in a way I will never be able to express through words themselves. You’re my therapy. (And Lord knows … Continue Reading

10 for Your Weekend!

Do you believe in miracles? The Cubs won the world series! Holy guacamole. That was quite a game! Despite my husband’s die-hard love for the Tribe, I’m happy the curse has been broken. Miracles really do happen ūüėČ It’s a fun time to live in Chicago.¬† I wrote a guest blog post on the season … Continue Reading

Women, You Can Be Spiritual Leaders. (And You Should!)

I started writing this in my head a while ago. I began typing it up at my desktop the other day. And most recently, I had a phone conversation with one of my dearest best friends, Jess, which lead me to finish it up… because I have a feeling some girl out there needs to … Continue Reading

My Rotten Morning in Real Time

I set my alarm for 5:57 AM last night. I had every intention of waking up and going to a 6:25 AM workout class this morning. I woke up at 7:28 AM, sooo that didn’t happen. I rolled over and felt the empty space where E usually lies. I was reminded that this was the … Continue Reading

All Things Fall (Chili Recipe, Flannel Shirt, Candle, & Book)

‘Tis the season for throwing on a scarf, ordering the pumpkin spice latte, and consuming your weight in¬†chili while tailgating at the football game on Saturday. Despite how cliche it is, I don’t hate it one bit. Fall is my absolute favorite season. (And not just because my birthday is in September.) Isn’t it funny … Continue Reading

Just Grateful

You never know what life is going to be like when you undergo major life changes. Moving cities, selling your car to rely¬†solely on public transportation, and taking on an entirely different job are all things that can be rather¬†difficult, let alone all of them at once. However, it’s honestly been one of the smoothest … Continue Reading

You Can Know What You’ve Got Before It’s Gone

We’ve all heard it before.¬†“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In setting aside time to reflect and be grateful, you can know what you’ve got before it’s gone. In choosing our thoughts to constantly see the good in others, the positive in the … Continue Reading

So Long As We Do

Paint. It’s cheaper than therapy. And do I even really need therapy? I don’t know anymore. I don’t know is the answer more often than not as of late.¬†I don’t know is why I haven’t posted here¬†in a while, or on Instagram in several days. When I was in 4th grade, my teacher and my … Continue Reading

Grace is… Awkward.

This is a follow up to my latest post. I read the message. Swallowed down my tears. It’s just¬†social media, Manda Sue. Get a grip!¬†I thought to myself. The thing is, it’s undeniably a huge part of this world we live in. 2016 in America¬†will undoubtedly be looked back upon as a year Instagram captured … Continue Reading

4 Verses to Memorize Before Getting Into Your Swimsuit

Most of the time when people email or direct message me a question regarding faith or my own personal testimony, I have answers that come easy. It wasn’t until recently¬†when I was¬†questioned by a middle-school girl, after speaking at her church youth group, that I felt extremely unqualified and incapable of answering questions surrounding faith.¬†Here … Continue Reading