When God Asks You to Run a Marathon

I didn’t want to wake up at six o’clock. I didn’t want to run one mile, let alone 12. However, I did it and left with no regrets. Did it hurt? Heck yes, these hips and knees are feeling closer to 30 than 20 with each passing day. Am I eager to do it again? … Continue Reading

10 for Your Weekend!

Do you believe in miracles? The Cubs won the world series! Holy guacamole. That was quite a game! Despite my husband’s die-hard love for the Tribe, I’m happy the curse has been broken. Miracles really do happen 😉 It’s a fun time to live in Chicago.  I wrote a guest blog post on the season … Continue Reading

Waking up at 4 AM and Blocking His Number

I’ve been thinking about habits a lot lately. What mine are, what others might be, where they come from, and how they impact our lives. I’m realizing that our mindless, little habits often add up and become the sum we call: life. Sometimes I do things not because I necessarily want to, but entirely out … Continue Reading

All Things Fall (Chili Recipe, Flannel Shirt, Candle, & Book)

‘Tis the season for throwing on a scarf, ordering the pumpkin spice latte, and consuming your weight in chili while tailgating at the football game on Saturday. Despite how cliche it is, I don’t hate it one bit. Fall is my absolute favorite season. (And not just because my birthday is in September.) Isn’t it funny … Continue Reading

How To Tell If Your Heart Motives Are Pure

I shared a confession during the 6 AM barre class that I taught this morning, but I couldn’t go into depth because 1. I was out of breath (seriously, have you tried one of our classes?!) and 2. Did I mention I was right in the middle of leading a barre class? 😉 I hurried … Continue Reading

Lift My Soul

Last night I laid in bed feeling confused, anxious, exhausted, and annoyed. Tears streamed down my face. E held my shaking body. I sometimes wish there were a secret camera to catch those “off script” moments; so everyone could see the moments that actually make us well, us. Sometimes my off script moments are beautiful, … Continue Reading