When Something So Natural Won’t Work Naturally [Guest Post]

I met Kristin at my darling friend Rachel’s bachelorette party in Florida. She was strikingly beautiful, outgoing, funny, and, the more I got to chat with her, I recognized a deep kindness and spirit of empathy within her. I told Rach, “Your soon-to-be sister-in-law rocks!” (In fact, all of her sister-in-law’s are so beautiful, inside … Continue Reading

You Deserve a Mini-Getaway… (& I’ve planned it for you!)

I sat between his legs as he held me, our toes in the sand and a gentle breeze in the air. This is better than our honeymoon, I thought. E agreed and kissed my cheek. I could share plenty of good reasons as to why our mini-getaway to Folly Beach, South Carolina was significantly better than our … Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tiny Victories

Sometimes it’s nice to take inventory the high points of your day. It lifts your spirits and creates an attitude of gratitude. Especially on a day that doesn’t get much attention. Monday’s we just want to get ’em over with, Wednesday’s are hump days, Thursdays are for a large glass of vino, and Friday’s we … Continue Reading