19 Things I Did (Or Didn’t Do) in 2018

To know me is to know I rarely keep traditions. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just I’m forgetful. Anyway, that’s what makes this blog post extra special. Because of your reminders, this is my 3rd annual “19 Things I Did (Or Didn’t Do)” blog post and, although random, it seems to be … Continue Reading


I sit down with a plan to write, but most days I don’t have the energy to recount the day’s memories or retell what we’re in the midst of because that requires reliving it. And right now, living it is hard enough. I don’t want pity or sympathy, but I refuse to sugarcoat it. The … Continue Reading

Beginning Again

Over one month ago now, sweet N came into our lives and flipped our house upside down (quite literally). Shakespeare’s, “Though she be little, she is fierce.” couldn’t be more relevant. N has invaded our hearts, which are now as soft and moldable as the play-dough she stomps into my pretty living room rug. She … Continue Reading

A Home Well Lived In

Several months ago I scribbled “I want a home well lived in“ on a blue sticky note at my kitchen table. I jotted the words down so fast they were hardly legible, but something urged me not to let the thought pass without giving it a permanent place. I stuck it on my desk right next … Continue Reading

Mama, Sort Of.

Never before have I experienced this kind of love. As I’m writing this, it’s been exactly seven days since our world was flipped upside down. “But you asked for this…” my conscious reminds me. “You’re damn right, I did,” my heart and soul snap back. E and I wanted to provide a loving and safe … Continue Reading

One Choice That Could Radically Improve Your Life & Marriage

How long have you been married? Have you dealt with infertility? Have you moved to a new place far from home? Do you have in-laws who aren’t easy to be around? Are your parents or friends disrespecting boundaries? Do you suffer from anxiety? Are you experiencing financial changes, health problems, or a faith crisis? Have you … Continue Reading

Iceland Should Move to the Top of Your Bucket List

When E and I flipped a coin to determine our next vacation destination, truthfully, I was super disappointed that he won and chose Iceland of all places! I mean, my dream vacation doesn’t require a coat and nearly always involves Español and margaritas by the pool. Iceland was about to be the exact opposite of everything … Continue Reading

When Something So Natural Won’t Work Naturally [Guest Post]

I met Kristin at my darling friend Rachel’s bachelorette party in Florida. She was strikingly beautiful, outgoing, funny, and, the more I got to chat with her, I recognized a deep kindness and spirit of empathy within her. I told Rach, “Your soon-to-be sister-in-law rocks!” (In fact, all of her sister-in-law’s are so beautiful, inside … Continue Reading

Roses & Love Sap (An Interview with My Husband)

Some people are super into Valentines Day, but I’m just here for the chocolate if we’re being honest. I decided instead of doing a cliche list of “8 things to buy your significant other for Valentines Day” I would have a lighthearted interview with my husband. I hope you enjoy it. 😉  This post sponsored by … Continue Reading

10 for Your Weekend!

Do you believe in miracles? The Cubs won the world series! Holy guacamole. That was quite a game! Despite my husband’s die-hard love for the Tribe, I’m happy the curse has been broken. Miracles really do happen 😉 It’s a fun time to live in Chicago.  I wrote a guest blog post on the season … Continue Reading

Women, You Can Be Spiritual Leaders. (And You Should!)

I started writing this in my head a while ago. I began typing it up at my desktop the other day. And most recently, I had a phone conversation with one of my dearest best friends, Jess, which lead me to finish it up… because I have a feeling some girl out there needs to … Continue Reading

Waking up at 4 AM and Blocking His Number

I’ve been thinking about habits a lot lately. What mine are, what others might be, where they come from, and how they impact our lives. I’m realizing that our mindless, little habits often add up and become the sum we call: life. Sometimes I do things not because I necessarily want to, but entirely out … Continue Reading

Cranberry Citrus Shortbread Cookies (+ Weekend Recap!)

I can’t believe it’s already October! September didn’t really happen, did it? This weekend was wonderful. Of course there were a few hiccups because that’s life, but those resolved and when I reflect on the last few days I just smile. E and I left the city to head back to our hometown so that we … Continue Reading

The Worst Date I’ve Ever Been On (With My Husband)

I woke up this morning determined to finish writing this post about our awful date night last Friday, as promised in my Monday morning email, for those of you who get the inside scoop 🙂 However, I keep struggling to find the words to tell you what made this date the worst we’ve ever had. … Continue Reading

A Small-Town Girl’s Perspective Of Life In The City

Hey friends! You guys were so sweet in regards to my latest post revealing our teeny, tiny apartment. I felt really loved and every person that’s been to our humble abode in person says, “This is so cozy!” and “It’s actually a lot more spacious than what I imagined!” so that always makes us feel … Continue Reading

Our Teeny Tiny Apartment Revealed!

We moved, y’all! Finally. The time came and we took the plunge. I’m sitting here typing this while looking out my window (we’re on the 20th floor!) at the beautiful city. It’s surreal. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to move to a big city and see what life could be like. Now, I’m finally here … Continue Reading

You Can Know What You’ve Got Before It’s Gone

We’ve all heard it before. “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In setting aside time to reflect and be grateful, you can know what you’ve got before it’s gone. In choosing our thoughts to constantly see the good in others, the positive in the … Continue Reading

The Season Right Before You Meet Your Husband

I met with a girl this week who said, “Your post about wishing you could have a do-over on the season right before you met your husband was spot on for me. What can I do to turn my life around? What are some practical things you would’ve done differently if you could re-do it? … Continue Reading

You Deserve a Mini-Getaway… (& I’ve planned it for you!)

I sat between his legs as he held me, our toes in the sand and a gentle breeze in the air. This is better than our honeymoon, I thought. E agreed and kissed my cheek. I could share plenty of good reasons as to why our mini-getaway to Folly Beach, South Carolina was significantly better than our … Continue Reading

Should I Marry Him? 8 Questions To Help You Answer That One

One of the reoccurring emails I get from girls is titled something like “Marriage Advice” in which a girl will spill a bunch of details about her and her boyfriend (or fiance) and ask me if they think it’s a relationship that will end up being a good marriage. I have to laugh a little bit … Continue Reading

The Lie of More; Sex, Money, & Fun

I always thought I wanted more handsome, more money, more status; more, more, more. Thank goodness I didn’t have clue and better things were in store for my life. Lately I’ve found myself coming back to Jesus with the same praise and thanksgiving on my lips. Because of Him, I’ve been rescued from things and a … Continue Reading

I’m Going To Teach Him A Lesson, I Thought

You know what? E really pissed me off the other day. I had just come home from a weekend away at my friend’s bachelorette party only to discover something he’d done that made me so angry. I mean seeing red, fumes coming out of my ears, curse words coming out of my mouth, angry.  He … Continue Reading

Why “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Just Doesn’t Cut It

One of the most attractive qualities about my husband is that he doesn’t allow me to “wear the pants” in our marriage. He does not sit when I say sit, or jump when I say jump. No matter how frustrating it can be, he does not take orders from me when I turn into “Demanda,” nickname for the … Continue Reading

A Letter To My Nieces & Nephews

I have written and deleted and re-written this post about nine times already. NINE times y’all. I’m struggling to find the words because new life is too beautiful for words. The emotions I’ve felt can only be compared to the emotions I have when I am with God. Maybe that’s what I love so much … Continue Reading