I’ve Become So Good At Networking That I’ve Forgotten How To Be A Friend.

I’ve been a sucky (for lack of a more appropriate word) friend. This post was not on my scheduled blog calendar, which by the way has been neglected altogether until June 1st, my last day of school. Man, I’m actually really going to miss those firsties I always complain about.  Tonight, I was supposed to have … Continue Reading

I’m Going To Teach Him A Lesson, I Thought

You know what? E really pissed me off the other day. I had just come home from a weekend away at my friend’s bachelorette party only to discover something he’d done that made me so angry. I mean seeing red, fumes coming out of my ears, curse words coming out of my mouth, angry.  He … Continue Reading

Why “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Just Doesn’t Cut It

One of the most attractive qualities about my husband is that he doesn’t allow me to “wear the pants” in our marriage. He does not sit when I say sit, or jump when I say jump. No matter how frustrating it can be, he does not take orders from me when I turn into “Demanda,” nickname for the … Continue Reading