He’s Not Just The Homeless Man. He’s Daniel.

I was tired of driving by seeing him struggling to stand with his head held down and a sign taped to his leg braces. About a month ago I stopped. Only because I had to. Because the light was red. I quickly gave him all of the change I could scrounge up. Today I was … Continue Reading

9 Typically Embarrassing Things You Should Actually Embrace

Let’s take a brief look at my track record when it comes to embarrassment… I caught the microwave on fire at work this school year when I had a blonde moment and put a butter packet (that was wrapped with foil) in for 15 seconds. I brought a towel to barre class (straight out of … Continue Reading

A Letter To My Nieces & Nephews

I have written and deleted and re-written this post about nine times already. NINE times y’all. I’m struggling to find the words because new life is too beautiful for words. The emotions I’ve felt can only be compared to the emotions I have when I am with God. Maybe that’s what I love so much … Continue Reading

Let Her Sleep, For When She Wakes…

“Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains.” -Napoleon Bonaparte I have this uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere at anytime. Seriously, I’ve been told it’s a gift. I’ve also been told I’m like a child. Whichever you prefer is fine by me. One time I fell asleep in a local pub … Continue Reading

A Bad Attitude

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it.” This weekend I left town and headed to The Windy City to spend an evening with my gal pals, Kelly and Kaycee. If you’ve known me for a while you’ve seen their names come up (or their tags on … Continue Reading