We’ve been married 1/2 a year as of today.

Although it’s not a huge milestone by any means, it’s something to celebrate for so many reasons.

It’s 6 months of working through the ups and downs of living together. It’s 180 days of being completely vulnerable and raw with another human being. It’s countless hours spent loving and laughing with many minutes of crying and making up, too.

In some aspects, I feel like the fact that I’m married at all is truly a miracle. And for those of you waiting on your Prince Charming, here’s my story…

For starters, I come from a home where there’s been a total of 7 divorces between my parents and then step-parents and then second step-parents, etc. I didn’t even want to get married for the longest time.

However, as weird as it may be, I clung to any guy because I was the girl who never wanted to be lonely. I was addicted to attention and the feeling of being wanted by someone. I gave up parts of myself just to keep a boyfriend happy. I tried to fill a void in my life with the “love” I thought a boy could fill. I stayed in relationships that I knew weren’t healthy because it was more satisfying than being alone, or so I thought. I was never single because I kept the next guy lined up for when the relationship ended. Sound familiar to anybody?

I did a lot of really “silly” things because I had no idea that The One who created everything loved me more than anything. I had no idea that I was already SEEN, NOTICED, ADORED, VALUED, & WORTHY by God. I didn’t need the attention of some guy to fill a void. I needed Jesus!

So tonight, let it be known that you are unique, beautiful, cherished, and His prized possession. You don’t have to seek that from some any guy. Save yourself so much heartache and pursue a relationship with your Heavenly Father!

Though it may be a hard pill to swallow, it needs to be stated: even your future husband will not be able to fill that void in your heart. 

It’s a place that will forever need to be filled by Jesus. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in these last six months it’s that no man can be everything we need. We need Jesus and a man who’s heart is passionate for Him. That has truly been the key ingredient to my joy in marriage.



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