Our mission is to spread love, grace, and words that speak LIFE across the nation.

In 2015, I had no intention of launching a movement. I simply combined three of my favorite things – writing, snail mail, and encouragement – and #MonthlyLettersOfEncouragement was born!

It was as simple as collecting a handful names and addresses of those who wanted to receive a little hope in their mailbox and I’d write them, faithfully, every month.

However, as people received their letters and shared about them, strangers from all over caught wind and wanted to receive them too. By early 2016 I was handwriting and mailing out over 300 letters every month.

After just a couple of months, I realized it was no longer feasible for me to do it all myself.

In October 2018, I brought on a team of seven other women to help manage this project and relaunch.

Staci is our Project Manager

Miranda is our Project Coordinator

Rhema is our Intake Specialist

Danielle is our Administrative Assistant for Recipients

Sarah is our Administrative Assistant for Writers

Emily is our Care Manager for Writers

Jess is our Care Manager for Recipients

Together, our goal is to create a movement that is relational, transformational, and sustainable.

What you can expect to receive if you are a recipient:

A personalized, inspirational letter with that will brighten your day. Our letters are uplifting, challenging, and often include a verse from Scripture or a quote to meditate on.

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