Combining three of my favorite things – writing, snail mail, and encouragement – #monthlylettersofencouragement was born on a whim!

It started off with me collecting a handful names and addresses of people who wanted to receive a little hope and positivity in their mailbox each month, but quickly grew to hundreds.

Luckily, strangers from all over the U.S. caught wind of what I was doing and loved it so much that they wanted to sponsor it. Thanks to many individuals, the stationery and stamps started coming in and that helped me out tremendously.

This small movement took off so much, that in December 2015, it was no longer feasible for me to hand-write and mail that multitude of letters all by myself.

As of January 2016, I no longer hand-write and mail all of these letters myself. I distribute names and addresses of those needing these pick-me-up letters to several trusted writers and together, we have kept the #monthlylettersofencouragement going!

Now, even some long-time recipients have taken on the writer’s role and are mailing out several a month.


What you can expect to receive if you are a recipient:

A personalized, inspirational letter with that will brighten your day. J Our letters are uplifting, challenging, and often include a verse from Scripture or a quote to meditate on.

Interested in signing up to receive personalized, straight to your front door, encouragement each month?

Simply fill out the form below stating your full name and mailing address along with a brief description of any specific prayer requests you have.

Interested in being a writer of these letters?

Please use the form below to explain why you think you would make a great writer for this movement.

Interested in sponsoring the movement?

You can use the form to contact me to see what we’re in need of or to ask for my personal address to mail things to.


The mission is to spread love, grace, and WORDS THAT SPEAK LIFE across the nation.

Together, we can do this!


XO, Manda Carpenter



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