Sometimes it’s nice to take inventory the high points of your day. It lifts your spirits and creates an attitude of gratitude. Especially on a day that doesn’t get much attention. Monday’s we just want to get ’em over with, Wednesday’s are hump days, Thursdays are for a large glass of vino, and Friday’s we celebrate we’ve made it through another week. Right?

Tuesday’s seem to be easily forgotten and I happen to LOVE Tuesdays. Tonight, although I’m starting to get sleepy, I jotted down 14 tiny victories throughout my day and figured I’d share them just for fun. 🙂 How often do you take inventory on the happy moments or “tiny victories” in your days?

  1. Felt well-rested and wide awake all day, despite staying up 4 hours later than usual last night.
  2. Wore a flowy jumpsuit to school and avoided frumpy dress pants once again. #teacherwins
  3. Extra 15 minutes of recess because the sun was shining and the breeze was intoxicating.
  4. Hearing “This is fun!” and “This is SO cool!” out of my student’s mouths.
  5. Discovering 2 more containers of Clorox Disinfectant Wipes when I thought I was out.
  6. Helping a friend nail her dream job by being a reference!
  7. Every single child, including my special needs students, scoring 100% on their math “telling time” assessment. I’m still in disbelief. 
  8. Not killing our classroom fish when we cleaned the aquarium out. #phew
  9. Actually sitting down and eating lunch with my coworkers.
  10. Receiving my final teacher evaluation of “highly effective” 🙂
  11. Receiving an overwhelming response of people who want to help write #monthlylettersofencouragement
  12. Green little plants sprouting up from seeds that the kiddos and I planted.
  13. Successfully making Fettuccine Alfredo for my brother and sister-in-law and nephews!
  14. Sister Lemmons & Sister Cook (two Morman missionaries who showed up at my doorstep when I got home from work) opened the eyes of my heart to see that, once again, our religious differences don’t really matter at all.

Tuesday, I love ya.

When you look at this photo below, what do you see?


During recess, one of our new students was sitting all by himself in the grass and appeared to be sulking. I was headed over towards him when suddenly a group, of what my first graders already declare as “the popular girls,” beat me to him. Leary of their intentions, I picked up my pace to interject.

When I got there, much to my surprise, they were kindly inviting him to play with them. When he denied their offer at first, one of them said, “OK, we’ll just sit here with you then. It’s so nice out. We don’t want you to sit all alone.”

Cue the tears as my soft, sappy-self watched these girls selflessly sacrifice their freedom and play time just to be with a lonely boy.

He didn’t say much. They asked him questions and tried to get to know him. As I stepped a few feet away I heard him mutter, “Thanks for sitting with me in the shade.”

This got me thinking. Actually it did more than that; I was a wreck. This moment I witnessed between six and seven-year-old children moved me deeply.

How often do I selflessly sacrifice my free-time or ditch my to-do list just to be with someone who’s lonely? Am I even willing to? How often do I stay even when someone doesn’t ask me to? What would happen if I sat with someone amid their shady days?

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

-Ephesians 4:2

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Interested in helping your write monthly letters of encouragement 😀😀


Awesome! If you went to the #monthlylettersofencouragement page and submitted the form there, I’ll get back with you sometime between today and tomorrow. 🙂


Hey Amanda I loved reading your posts. I got a bit confused about #14 when you said religious differences don’t matter. Could you explain that? Thanks 🙂


Hey Desiree! How are you darling? Of course! Here’s #14 explained a bit further: when these two Mormon missionaries came to my house I could have blown them off, using the excuse that I’m busy (I’d be lying if I said I haven’t done that before)… or I could invite them in knowing that we don’t believe exactly the same things when it comes to our faith. I chose to invite them in, talk with them, ask them questions, accept their answers and beliefs even though I don’t agree – for example, they don’t touch alcohol because they believe it’s wrong. That’s TOTALLY cool! It’s just not what I believe 😉 I believe it’s a sin to be getting drunk, but to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer (especially on a beautiful sunny day!) is completely OK to my husband and I. My point was just to say that at the end of the day, all of the technicalities and religious differences don’t really matter. What matters is our hearts and that we love and accept others without judgement.


I better understand what you were saying now. I agree that now matter what we should love others since Christ has loved. Amanda thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate seeing your posts and I’m glad I can stay updated on your life! Let me know if I can be a pen pal to someone I would love that. ❤️


Awesome! I’m glad we’ve been able to stay connected as well. That’s the beauty of technology today. I would love to include you with the #monthlylettersofencouragement movement – simply fill out the form under that tab and you’ll be hearing from me. I have 94 people awaiting my reply so that’s what I’m hoping to tackle today 😉

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