I’ve shared bits and pieces of our love story. Our messy, drama-filled, unexpected, crazy love story. Perhaps this part I’ve never shared until now will encourage someone tonight.

Let’s take a look back in time…

I was newly single. Fresh out of a pretty serious relationship. E was my friend, nothing more. I began casually dating someone else because that’s what I did; kept the boys lined up so I never had to be lonely. I needed the constant reassurance that somebody wanted me to be theirs I suppose.

Lucky for me, God managed to use several people and sermons to tug on my heart strings and convince me that what I had always done wasn’t going to work out in the long run. It was time for a change. I ended it with the rebound boyfriend who was really just a “filler relationship” anyway.

Right as I felt this urge to be a single woman and get my act together so to speak, E seemed to pursue me as a friend even more. This friendship was like none I’d ever experienced before. Especially since it was with a boy and he wasn’t trying to get in my pants.

I began praying and reading through Lady In Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting For Mr. Right. (If you haven’t read it, well, what are you waiting for?)

E and I were developing a relationship that we both soon realized may be more than “just friends” and that freaked me out for more than one reason. First of all, I didn’t want to screw it up because he was so wonderful and out of my league. Secondly, he was one of my friend’s ex-boyfriends, so girl code. Lastly, I was finally at a place where I wanted to try and just remain single while working on myself.

E suggested that we go on a fast from each other. No talking, seeing each other, or communicating at all for one week. Ugh. My heart sank. “He’s going to realize he doesn’t want to be with a girl like me,” I thought. With more anxiety and worry than I’d ever had before, I agreed and E sent me one last text before we began our fast.

"You're so irresistible, Amanda Sue. Not just in a sexual way. ;) In the way that your heart is seriously set on being a world changer. It excites me to 
see something in you that I've never seen in anyone else before. I know either way this plays out, you're irresistible to me because you are a woman striving to live for Christ and there's nothing sexier than that."

During the fast I journaled my prayer (verbatim):

"God if you're real and you want me to give my life over to you like I've heard a hundred times before, I need you to start showing me you exist and that you care for me. Right now especially, I need a sign. I'm not testing you, God, but it would be real cool if you could direct me in this decision to move forward with E or remain single. I like him. It's different and I can't even explain it in words alone. I know I've done nothing to deserve your help in this, but I'm begging you. Please. I don't want to lose my friend and I don't want to be with the wrong guy, again. I love you and I'm counting on you."

You read it, friends- I asked for a sign.

A minute after journaling that prayer I opened Lady In Waiting again for the first time in weeks and right there lay the words, “A Woman of Virtue is irresistible to a Godly man.”

Wide-eyed, feeling like it was too soon that God could be speaking to me, questioning if this was just a coincidence, I re-read the sentence and then E’s text to me and started weeping. How could this be?

I wouldn’t have considered myself a woman of virtue then, however, I was on the path to becoming her. And E was a Godly man; one who saw more potential in me than I saw for myself.

Praising Jesus that He guided our path. Though it wasn’t easy and there were many tears shed along the way, today and forever, I call this man my husband.

In a puddle of happy tears,


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