He loves me right where I am.

He loved me when I was in the womb.

He loved me when I was a child.

He loved me when I rebelled.

He loved me when I chose to reject Him.

He loved me JUST THE SAME when I ran back to Him.

He loves me through all of my seasons.

He loves me so much that the love I experience on earth from my parents and my husband don’t even scratch the surface.

His love is endless.

Christianity is about so much more than going to heaven when you die; its about dying with Christ now, so you can LIVE now!

It’s more than performing a good life. It’s more than going through the motions.

Can’t you see that Jesus lived an entirely perfect life so that you can live an abundant life in Him?

Won’t you allow him to touch the heart of your emotions rather than pretend to just go through the motions?

Jesus is worth breaking for. You can come to him a mess because guess what! He already knows what a mess you are and loves you still. He never leaves you or gives up on you.

Don’t waste your life.

Don’t think “I’ll live this way SO that I ensure I get to heaven.”

Live your life to the fullest.

Think “I have the most beautiful gift. The gift of living day by day knowing God adores me and has big plans for me here on earth before I join Him in heaven.”

With love and prayers to whomever is reading this,


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