1. Do you believe in miracles? The Cubs won the world series! Holy guacamole. That was quite a game! Despite my husband’s die-hard love for the Tribe, I’m happy the curse has been broken. Miracles really do happen ūüėČ It’s a fun time to live in Chicago.¬†qtq80-QSeY6K
  2. I wrote a guest blog post on the season of life I’m in right now.¬†Can you relate?
  3. If I’m feeling brave I plan to tackle this¬†healthy pumpkin pie recipe on Sunday, because why not? Eek! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving meals already! If you’re reading this and you don’t have anyone to spend the holidays with PLEASE shoot me an email or get in touch somehow. You aren’t just welcome, you are wanted.¬†Let’s all try to open up our homes this season so no one has to be alone.pumpkin-tart-1-1100x733
  4. A sweet Insta-friend of mine posed a question on her Instagram post and then used my comment (aka: my answer to her Q) as a blog post in her series on authentic friendship. It’s lovely and I’m proud of her for challenging us.
  5. E and I flipped a coin for our next big vacation. Heads = Rome, Tails = Iceland. We’re going to ICELAND this March, y’all!!! I am so so excited.¬†Check out this couple’s blog post with tons of photos from their Iceland trip. We have a lot to look forward to. I am grateful.¬†
  6. If you need hope and/or a good cry (tears of joy!) read this. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  7. The election is ALMOST OVER! No matter who gets elected, I think we should just have one giant group hug, America. We’re gonna make it.
  8. Wanna shop? Get 20% off all regularly priced items w/code MANDA20 at Miss Chic Boutique online. fall-fashion-simple
  9. I miss teaching barre at B Present Studio, but lucky for me (and you!) the classes are available on-demand here. I’m pretty sure¬†you can even take¬†a few classes by yours truly! Try it out ūüôā let me know whatcha think.
  10. I’m 25 years-old now and starting to obsess over skincare which means drinking more water, applying sunscreen like it’s my job (I SO wish I could take back every single time I got in a tanning bed- ugh.), and getting monthly facials. Also, this read for twenty-somethings: YES!

I’m going to try and make these lighthearted weekend posts a regular thing. What do you think? Like it?

Thanks to my friend, Shannan, for the inspo. ūüėČ

Happy weekend, friends!

XO, Manda

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