2020’s been R O U G H to say the least, so this year I’m participating in my own little version of “25 days of Christmas” to make the entire month of December special. Because, why not? This year could seriously use extra fun and delight!

Thanks to my right-hand, Allie (who does so much work for me behind the scenes!), for many of these ideas. Feel free to steal some or all of these ideas for yourself

December 1: Put up Christmas Decorations
December 2: Start a Puzzle
December 3: Watch “The Holiday”
December 4: Order Dinner from a Local Restaurant
December 5: Bake and Deliver Treats to a Neighbor
December 6: Play a Game of Scrabble
December 7: Drive to a Different Neighborhood to Look at Christmas Lights
December 8: Read The Polar Express
December 9: Shop for a Family through Virtual Angel Tree
December 11: Order Pizza and Puzzle
December 12: Get Outside & Build a Snowman (if no snow, just get outside and play!)
December 13: Make a TikTok video
December 14: Watch “Home Alone”
December 15: Cook a Special Breakfast (click here for ideas)
December 16: Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
December 17: Gingerbread House Decorating Competition
December 18: Enjoy Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows
December 19: Watch “Elf”
December 20: Serve in the Community (volunteering at a Soup Kitchen or picking up trash around your city counts)
December 21: Create 3 Homemade Cards &/or Write 3 Meaningful Letters to People You Love
December 22: Purchase a Gift Card in any amount for a Local Grocery Store & Give it to a Person Experiencing Homelessness
December 23: Make a Gratitude List of 50 Things (get specific… jeans that fit just right, walking out the door without a plan, nostalgic lyrics, raw cookie dough, etc.)
December 24: Open Stockings and Celebrate with Family
December 25: Read the Story of Jesus’ Birth and Celebrate with Family

There you have it! Feel free to share this & tag me on Instagram @mandacarpenter if you do any 🙂

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