What are the first words that come to mind when you view the photo above?

Gross? Weird? Odd? Crazy? Intense? Quirky? Fun? Annoying? Nontraditional?

For me the words “wild” and “free” pop into my brain pretty quickly.

I imagine this girl to have a messy bedroom, a carefree spirit, and a witty personality. It’s apparent that she doesn’t give a darn what anyone thinks of her. She comes across free-spirited and a little rebellious, too.

A little part of me envies her. Oh how badly I wish at times that I weren’t a straitlaced-personality-type-A-bed-must-always-be-made-kind-of-gal, but that’s who I am. There’s no denying that comedy is not my forte. I’m truly not witty in the slightest. (Thanks to all of my barre friends for laughing, probably out of pity, at my stories and bad jokes in class.)

Just like this girl in the photo, my friend Morgan is someone I envy at times because we’re so very different. She, in my eyes, is a cool girl livin’ on the edge! We get along great and encourage each other a lot, despite some of our differing views on life or perspectives on faith. Her blog’s name is even something that would be totally out of the question for me: Are You Calling Me Fat?  Seriously, she’s funny enough to have a blog titled that and if you can get past some vulgar language, her posts will have you peeing your pants. I tell her she’s the next Amy Schumer.

The point of bringing Morgan up is that even with women I don’t have very much in common with, it’s still SO easy to get caught up in comparison. I know I’m not the only one who battles the lies that we’re never enough, or even that we’re too much. Have you ever struggled with that? I do almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I’m never enough- as a wife, a friend, an employee, a writer… And other times I feel like I’m too much- I question if my personality is too big for a room, if people think I’m too intense, if I’m doing too many things at once, if I’ve said too much…

One of my latest reads, Wild and Free, by Hayley Morgan and Jess Connolly completely shifted my perspective on what it means to live “wild” and “free” and infused me with hope and encouragement that I’m not too much and that I’m always enough. More importantly, this book helped me realize that I’m not alone in my struggles. Without giving the entire book away because the point is you should totally go read it yourself! 🙂 here are 8 reasons why you SHOULD embrace your inner wild child

  1. You can say YES to new adventures! God made you wild in your nature and He gave you free will, so embrace this freedom and step into the wild.
  2. You can rest freely in the work Jesus did for all of us. So when we fail or make mistakes, it’s OK. Get back up again, the world needs your wild self to go on!
  3. You can be set apart from everyone else by rising above judgment. Wild and free people choose compassion over comparison.
  4. You can speak LIFE into others because of your freedom in Christ. Remember when you were in elementary school and you always rooted for the other kids? That doesn’t have to stop now.
  5. You’ll stop worrying about “outshining” others and hold nothing back because you were born to do mighty things in Christ! Wild and free people don’t hide their light.
  6. You can step out of defense mode and into vulnerability.  That is livin’ on the edge, friends! Wild and free women don’t clench their fists or live in cages. No way!
  7. You can work FROM approval, not FOR approval.
  8. You won’t be easily offended or dissuaded. You’re free and you’re wild and have your eyes set on The Lord. You’ll be secure in your identity. You won’t lose sleep over people and things that are out of your control because you know whose in control of it all.

There ya have it! Hopefully today you can begin living wildly and walking freely. I’m telling you- there’s no better way to live this life! 🙂 I clearly have nothing but positive things to say about this book and would strongly encourage you to pick up a copy at your nearest Barnes & Noble. Have you already grabbed a copy? Did you already read it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


“In a world that calls out, “Do big things!” and “You can have it all!” it’s easy to feel like we’re not enough. And when this happens, sometimes our defense is to become large and in charge, convincing everyone we really can do it.” – Hayley 


“Freedom from body insecurity for me means exercising often, not believing the lie, “There’s no point. Just stay home!” Freedom from striving often means diving into rest in a truly active way-hiding my phone, canceling plans, and saying no. Freedom from comparison takes action- praying for the women I compare myself to, lifting them up and encouraging them when I can, and verbally thanking God for the pleasant lines He’s drawn for me.” – Jess 



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