“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

This weekend I left town and headed to The Windy City to spend an evening with my gal pals, Kelly and Kaycee. If you’ve known me for a while you’ve seen their names come up (or their tags on my Instagram posts). They are two of my best friends and both stood by me on my wedding day nine months ago.

We all met at “Piece” for pizza and my newer friend, Madison, joined us there as well. [Time out: had you told me that I would be having dinner with Madison even just one year ago, I would have told you “yeah right!” But God, well He’s constantly proving to me that people change and that we can all overcome our differences and love one another.] Anyway, the pizza was huge and delicious. Our conversation was great. It made me so excited at the possibility of living in Chicago soon! E and I are still waiting on a few loose ends before we make our decision between Chicago and NYC.

From there we went to a smaller bar to have a drink. I of course got a bottle of gluten-free “Angry Orchard.” If E would’ve been with us, he totally would have made fun of me for sipping on “apple juice” as he calls it. By the end of the night, we ended up at my all-time favorite place in Wicker Park, “Big Star” scarfing down a few of their infamous fish tacos before heading back to Kell’s for the night.

I specifically remember, as we were walking back towards my car, feeling so full. Full of happiness that I got to spend quality time with girl friends who I know will always be there for me, and full of thanksgiving that my husband is always so gracious in letting me take time away from him to go be with my out of town friends.

But, as soon as we got to my car and I saw my front left tire, that fullness began to deflate. Now, I could have let a silly, little flat tire get in the way of enjoying the rest of my time with the girls (let me just admit that it almost did and in my past, it definitely would have!), but instead these friends of mine kept me assured that it wasn’t the end of the world and that we could handle it. Unfortunately, there was no spare from a previous time I dealt with a flat. We managed to get to a gas station and I filled the tire with air only to find out that it was leaking out quickly from a hole. Luckily, we made it back to Lakeshore Drive and crashed for the evening. In the morning, I woke up anxious, certain that it was going to be a fiasco to get my car into a shop and pay an outrageous amount for a new tire. Heck, in my mind, this was going to take up half my day at least! My poor attitude was stinkin’ up the apartment.

Little did I know, it actually would turn out to be quite the humiliating (but full of laughter) experience getting my car to the shop a few blocks away and the most quick and convenient process to get a new tire. We even grabbed brunch down the street while it was being taken care of. All of my anxiety and stress fizzled away as I realized: “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.”

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