I have written and deleted and re-written this post about nine times already. NINE times y’all. I’m struggling to find the words because new life is too beautiful for words.

The emotions I’ve felt can only be compared to the emotions I have when I am with God. Maybe that’s what I love so much about babies; they bring out a softness and a joy in people.

We even lose our composure with babies; shedding tears because you become so overwhelmed with happiness like my adorable sister-in-law, Rose, did when she first saw our newest nephew, Maddox. Or goo-ing and gaga-ing in our baby voices without a care in the world who’s listening and rolling their eyes at us.

When I sat down and decided to share with the world the birth of my two newest nephews, Benjamin and Maddox, I ended up writing a letter out to all of my nieces and nephews instead.

For the little ones I have the privilege of being called ‘Aunt Manda’ by,

You are my favorite. Yes, you. More than any student I adore or any other cute kid in this world, you’re my family, the apple of my eye, and I would do anything for you. This won’t ever change. Not when you get a little cousin down the road someday or when you break my iPhone (oh wait, one of you has already done that, stinker!). I hope you know that I’ll always love you in a way I didn’t know I could love before. It’s a love that I have a hard time wrapping my head around, it’s pretty illogical. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to say “no” to you when you want your seventh “coo-ie” (cookie) for the night.

You have been so blessed to be born to the best parents I know. I mean that, kiddo, your mommy and daddy will do everything they can, every single day, to provide a happy, healthy, loving home for you. It makes me cry just writing it out. One of my favorite things is observing how they take care of you, teach you, speak with you, and look at you. I think your mommy and daddy are teaching Uncle E and I exactly what we need to learn before we try to bring a little one into our world someday.

I keep a full plate and am busy, but I will never be too busy for you. I want to play “ba-ba” (basketball) with you, hold you in my arms for hours, take you on errand runs with me, and watch you light up as you take in this great, big, world we live in.

I promise to guard you and protect you from your Uncle E and his wild ways. 😉 Just kidding, he’s the fun one so you’ll want him around even more than me. I will, however, do all that I can to protect you and your innocence in a world that robs us all of that far too early.

When you’re hurt, I will kiss your disgusting, bloody, boo-boos. When you’re sad, I will hold you and kiss you until you’re annoyed. When you’re happy, I will snap a thousand pictures of you trying to capture the moment just perfectly because Aunt Manda loves her pictures. When you’re mad, I will probably pout with you until you crack a smile. When you’re in trouble, I will help bail you out. When you need to share a secret, I will listen and keep it. Mommy and daddy don’t have to know everything. When your birthday falls on a school day I will show up with a rather large embarrassing arrangement of balloons and the best food ever, doughnuts. When you don’t want to study, the teacher in me will come out because I know just how smart you are and the potential you have. When you grow old enough, I will bribe you to babysit your younger cousins for me.

Your life changes everything about mine. You give me hope. You give me joy. You make me giggle. You keep me on my toes. You give new meaning to my life. You bring out an entirely new side of me and I am better because of it.

Forever all my love,

Aunt Manda


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