Hey friends! You guys were so sweet in regards to my latest post revealing our teeny, tiny apartment. I felt really loved and every person that’s been to our humble abode in person says, “This is so cozy!” and “It’s actually a lot more spacious than what I imagined!” so that always makes us feel good.

I should inform you of the good news in case we’re not Facebook friends…I got a job! Insert praise hands emoji right about now. After turning down the one corporate job with insane hours, I was feeling quite defeated. However, I spent some time praying and talking with my husband and we both felt an enormous sense of peace that God had something else up His sleeve. That’s the cool thing about God. He’s so much bigger and better than we could ever imagine! He knows no limits. He see’s our worth and full potential when we cannot. He wants what’s best for us.

A woman reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in a job where I would utilize my writing, networking, and social media skills. I asked her to tell me more and she presented me with a job and a salary that far exceeded our wants or needs. The beautiful thing is, E and I are not out to get rich. Or to work our lives away. (If that were the case I would’ve taken the job mentioned in the post prior.) I cannot say what we’ll both be doing three years from now. Or where we’ll be living. We are following Jesus and trying our best to live an intentional life. One that is obedient and willing to make sacrifices even if we can’t see what’s on the other side. So for now, I’m excited to be a part of a company that I have so much to learn from. I’m praying that I can uplift my coworkers and love them fiercely. If you ask me what I’m looking forward to most, I’d say growing and being stretched in ways that I never could have had I stayed in my previous occupation as an elementary school teacher. Do I miss teaching? Do I miss the kids? Do I wish there were a way to do it all? Yes. Yes. Yes. But I am confident that God has gifted so many passionate, patient, wise, and caring people to be the most incredible teachers in the school systems. And I am confident that He’s used my time as an elementary teacher to prepare me for this new position.

IMG_1360We are loving Chicago, but let me tell ya, it’s different. So different in fact that I’ve been taking notes in my iPhone on all of my observations. I thought it would be fun to share a Midwest, small-town girl’s perspective on the city during this first week…I hope it makes you laugh a little 😉

  • People don’t say hi. Even in the most awkward situations. Like when E and I are in the elevator and it stops, someone else gets in, and we say, “hi there” just to be friendly. Seriously, some people don’t say anything back. They just flat out ignore us. Even those without headphones in their ears.
  • Eating alone in public is quite common and unlike back home, does not feel awkward at all. I’ve done it numerous times already and my personal thoughts are: when you’re exhausted and busy, eating solo is perfect. When you’re not however, I wish people would be open to the warmth of a conversation with a complete stranger. Maybe I’m just a strange one though.
  • Interviews are super competitive. It’s normal to walk in and see ten+ other candidates sitting there waiting for their interview as well. It’s a big city with lots of people…very talented people.
  • How could you survive without google maps? Like seriously people of Chicago, how, before 2005, did you get around??? (No, but really…)
  • It’s obviously super diverse. I love that it’s normal to see people of all different color and nationalities speaking a variety of languages. It makes me see the world as a much bigger place.
  • People tend to be more blunt and will often make you feel dumb if you ask a simple question. Nothing has aggravated me more than when an employee of a restaurant or someplace is downright rude when I ask a question. Though it’s just a cultural difference in the way humans interact here, I will not stop being warm and friendly. I just hope a little bit of it rubs off on them.
  • EVERYTHING costs more. Which is no surprise, but E and I aren’t ashamed to admit that we’re all about that #RamenNoodleLife 😉
  • People don’t hide their crazy. They sing out loud in train station (and continue to despite people yelling, “shut up!”), they argue and get into conflicts publicly with no shame in who’s witnessing it (yes, I saw you hit your boyfriend for texting that other chick, Ja’quia), and they wear some outrageous clothing.
  • I thought the homeless situation was bad back home. Here, I am overwhelmed by the amount of people on the streets. I’m looking into where homeless shelters are at to get on a volunteer schedule in the near future.

I’m curious, have any of you ever relocated and find some of these to be true? 🙂

Anyway, we are truly stoked to be living here and cannot wait to try out a new church on Sunday!

We’ll chat more soon! XO

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