Hey, I’m Manda

I’m a neighbor, question-asker, and cheerleader of the underdog who spends her days writing, speaking and adovocating.

In 2015, I married my husband, Eric, who I call E.

We have one biological son, Shia, and have been foster parents to 16 kids before him.

Together, E and I host A Longer Table Podcast.

We currently live in Los Angeles, California.

Obsessed with: chocolate chip cookies, days without time constraints, and seeing people come out of apathy and live intentional lives.

I believing there isn’t a single person we wouldn’t love if we knew their story.

You can find me doing exactly what God created me to do: playing more than striving, choosing transparency over a filter, and prioritizing people over productivity.

Right now, I’m most likely dunking Chips Ahoy cookies in milk or sipping on an iced mocha with extra whipped cream. I’m almost always dreaming of a better world. One where marriages are thriving, people are tending to their soul, and foster care isn’t needed.

Want to know what energizes me?

Empowering the vulnerable and advocating for redemption. Seeing people own their full identity and do their inner work is about as beautiful as it gets in my eyes. Redemption takes many different forms, but you know it when you’ve experienced it in your own life.

A few things I answer to:

01. Manda

02. Sweetheart

This isn’t just a hobby. I now write, speak and advocate full-time! I absolutely love what I do.

If anyone other than my husband, E, called me this that would be weird.

03. Mama

04. Demanda

Shia calls me mama. Some of our foster children call me mama, but most call me by name.

My mom has always teased that I can be demanding, so it’s a nickname that I’ve decided to embrace.

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