25 Days of Christmas
25 Days of Christmas

2020's been R O U G H to say the least, so this year I'm participating in my own little version of "25 days of Christmas" to make the entire month of December special. Because, why not? This year could seriously use extra fun and delight! Thanks to my right-hand,...

20 Books to Read in 2020
20 Books to Read in 2020

Hi, Friends! Media Manager Allie here! Because of my love (re: life-consuming obsession) of books, Manda asked if I would do a guest blog post featuring 20 Books to Read in 2020. Obvious answer: absolutely. I've compiled a list of 20 books I firmly believe are worth...

Three Words That Changed My Life
Three Words That Changed My Life

My Space Devotional started off as a private journey long before it was public. In the summer of 2018, I hit my breaking point. Having always been a “yes” girl who kept busy to the point of unnecessary stress and panic attacks, I felt God speak to me clearly in the...


I’m Manda

Follower of Jesus.

Wife to my best friend, E.

Forever mama to Shia.

Bonus mama to the rest. 

Intentional neighbor.



Cheerleader of the underdog.

Chocolate chip cookie obsessed.

At my best till 9PM.

For now, L.A. is home.


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