You see that crack in the windshield of my car right there?

Yeah, that happened out of no where. I didn’t do anything to cause it and I couldn’t have avoided it. A rock just happened to strike my car window at the most precise time to create a break in the glass.

Fortunately, it’s just a windshield. It’s replaceable and fixable; a temporary problem.

However, it got me thinking about my afternoon spent at a friend’s house playing with her two and three-year-old foster kids.

How, similar to the rock propelled at my car, these children have had a rock (or seven) thrown at them in one way or another.

And it’s not their fault, it’s entirely out of their control. There’s nothing they could’ve done to avoid it. They’re innocent. They’re undeserving of this brokenness.

But sadly, it’s not a quick fix in their case. The damage that’s been done to them and their precious, little lives is not “fixable.”

While we can’t go back and undo what’s already been done, we can be the glue that keeps them from shattering. Even if we only get a single day with them or an entire school year, I believe we can make the difference and be enough to keep them in repair; a place of healing and recovery.

We can shine the light of Jesus and show them how it feels to be out of the dark. We can love on them with so much grace and understanding the way our Father loves us. We can bring them joy and laughter, giving them that glimpse of what their whole childhood should be filled with. We can offer them hope by being different; attentive, comforting, safe.

I’m so grateful that E and I have friends who selflessly and generously foster kids. Whenever people say “be the hands and feet of Jesus,” I think of those people who are serving in some way, like being a foster parent or a teacher or a volunteer at church.

Get your hands dirty. Get involved. Get real.

Pushing you out of your comfort zone,


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