E was the first, and only, guy to truly respect my body, help guard my heart, and show me what following Jesus looks like through actions alone.

Loving him is pretty easy. He’s always making me light up. It’s not perfect, our love; we’re not perfect, but our love runs deep. However, our love is beyond ‘just’ a relationship between two people. It’s two people who’ve committed their hearts to serving God and loving others together for a lifetime.

Today, while amidst a few women, they began talking trash about their husbands and when I didn’t chime in with them, one of the ladies looked at me with eyes of bitterness and said, “Oh honey, you’ve only been married for less than a year, you just wait until the honeymoon phase is over.”

She’s right. There will come a time when the honeymoon bliss dwindles I’m sure. And I will have to face it when that time comes.

What I know in my heart and what I pray for her and so many others is that they will realize it’s never too late.

Never too late to CHOOSE love in the most unconditional form. Certainly never too late to CHOOSE forgiveness. She’s right, there may come a time when loving E isn’t the easiest or most natural thing, but I refuse to let myself ever get to the place she’s at. A place in which I believe doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s a series of actions, thoughts, words, and decisions that lead us to where we end up. 

So tonight, I will think of every reason under the sun to love him. I will act in a way that respects him. I will use my words to honor him. I will decide that even if he is unworthy of my love, I will give him the same love that Christ gives me, as I am unworthy.

Telling the truth in love,


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