Hello, everyone!

Welcome, first-timers and those of you who have been following along for quite some time now.

I’ve seriously missed (probably more than I ever knew that I would) having a space to share my writing; my heart.

Thank you to everyone who’s been so encouraging during this process.

What process?

Well, I started a blog on wordpress in 2013 called amandacregier@wordpress.com. I started it amidst a life-changing transition period in my life and simply wanted to express my feelings through writing as I found it to be very therapeutic. I didn’t have any intentions of being a “blogger” at that point.

But you became known as, and even labeled yourself as, a blogger?

I sure did. Thanks in part to the power of social media and it’s positive influence on my life, I began to take the feedback from others seriously and take my little, honest blog to “the next level.” This is when my website became known as talkprayshop.com. It was fun for a while, but at the end of the day I just felt like I had stripped away much of the real, rawness that I enjoy writing about so much, in order to “keep up” with other bloggers and fit everyone else’s ideas of blogging.

So, what happened?

My heart was heavy. I felt like maybe I was just being silly, but at the same time I knew without a doubt that there was supposed to be more to my sharing than just another promo code for a shirt at a discounted price. I decided to take a little break from blogging.

For how long?

I wasn’t planning on neglecting my blog. It was only supposed to be a few weeks, but when I tried to log back into my account to post, access was denied stating I didn’t have the correct password. I let it go in that moment, too exhausted to try again and feeling like maybe this break was a good thing afterall. However, I received several emails from girls saying that they got an email that I had posted on the blog. Since I knew I hadn’t posted, this became fishy and when I looked into what they could possibly be talking about – it was clear.

Uh oh, what really happened?

My blog had been hacked. After seeking the help of techy friends, I was able to get back into my website and delete the content that had been posted. Luckily, it wasn’t harmful or inappropriate, but it was irrelevant and so strange to me! Unfortunately, some of the code had been changed and therefore I had no way of importing my old content onto my new website.


Yeah, yikes is right. I was upset and annoyed, but mostly trying to stay positive, saying things to my husband like, “This is good thing, right? I’ll be able to really start fresh with my content and not make the same mistakes as last time, right?”

How did ‘www.mandacarpenter.com’ come to be?

Not making the same mistakes as I did with talkprayshop.com means that this new website was done very intentionally, with the help of the amazing husband and wife duo at Crowhop, and fully represents who I am and which direction I’m going in with my writing.

Who/What is ‘www.mandacarpenter.com’?

Manda Carpenter is me, being 100% real, raw, and honest. Manda Carpenter is writing her first book, a christian memoir. I should mention a second book is already in the making. She may be getting ahead of herself! This site will not be taking on paid advertising or promotions. It will simply be me sharing what’s on my heart and staying true to it. Without putting any real restrictions on myself, I cannot wait to see what comes of this true vulnerability and how God writes an even greater story than my words ever could.

I’m interested in following along!

Wonderful! I hope you’ll take the time to comment on a post sharing with me your thoughts and introduce yourself. You can follow along best by subscribing with your email so that you can be the first to know what’s going on in my life and receive weekly positive encouragement straight to your inbox. <3

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