How would you finish that sentence?

Jesus is… love. weird. life-changing. stupid. a good person. not real. 

I don’t know about you, but my answer has changed over the years, so whatever your answer is right now, stay with me…

Judah Smith, author of Jesus is ____. took me on a journey of erasing who I’ve thought Jesus to be and rewriting (hopefully in permanent ink) who Jesus is. His writing was extremely easy to read as it’s filled with humor and analogies that aren’t overly theological, but very thought-provoking.

Similarly to the book I most recently shared about, #Struggles, I don’t want to say too much, however, I have to share an excerpt of my most favorite part. As I read these words I couldn’t help but think of my husband who, though not a pastor, always reminds me of these truths. Side note: can I just get real for a second…a man whose heart is so passionate about loving people like Jesus did is THE MOST attractive! Love you, honey. 😉

“I don’t want to be a person who cares more about whether a guy smokes or does drugs than whether he feels loved. I don’t want to be a pastor who preaches love and acceptance but avoids the teenage gang member who hangs around outside the church. I don’t want to belong to a church that treats a woman differently because she happens to walk into church in a dress that shows off a little too much skin. You know, cleavage does not intimidate God. Smoke that, religion. Maybe that’s the only “nice” dress she owns. Maybe everyone she knows dresses that way. Maybe she’s desperate, and she’s thinking that if she doesn’t find some authentic love and joy today, she might end it all.

I’m not advocating sloppiness or sensuality in church, but I am advocating a church that reflects real life, a church where real people with real problems can come and find hope and joy. I want people in my church to welcome everybody: the gay, the straight, the rich, the poor, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want my church to be a place where people can come in from all kinds of backgrounds and issues and shortcomings and addictions and bondages, and we don’t have to get them all fixed up before they sit on the front row.

That’s the gospel. It’s good news for everyone.”

A-freakin’-MEN, right? Did it give you goosebumps? This was my absolute favorite part of the book because he was straight up and real about a very relevant issue in today’s churches. I’m pretty sure this will be our new criteria for finding a home church, wherever E and I move to next.

Check this out to see how other people from all over the world have filled in the blank.

Now it’s your turn! I’m ready to pass on the good news and mail this book out tomorrow morning.

Who wants it?!

#SisterhoodOfTheTravelingBook instructions can be found towards the bottom of this post. If you’d like to receive my marked up, prayed over copy of Jesus is ____. simply comment on this post how you’d fill in the blank currently. Bonus entry if you share any of your favorite posts of mine to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag me! Recipient will be chosen by 8pm tonight and notified. <3

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