Saturday nights used to be my favorite. A chance to get dolled up, show some skin, throw back a few too many shots, and anticipate meeting an attractive guy who would drench me in compliments; making me feel good, temporarily filling my empty ‘love tank.’

Fast forward just 12 hours. Sunday mornings used to be my least favorite. The sun would rise and I felt exposed. I was ashamed of the things I’d done. The parts of myself that I gave up while searching for love, foolishly blinded by lust and naiveness.

Maybe you need to hear what I wish I could tell myself just 4 years ago. So before you go out tonight, can I remind you of just how beautiful you really are?

You were designed in such a complex way that the human eyes and mind can never fully comprehend. You are far from ordinary. And you’re certainly not a piece of meat. You aren’t a slave, nor an object for sex. Your body is sacred. It is written that you are worth more than the most rare jewels of this earth. You are not your own. You were bought at a price. Although it may not make complete sense to you in this moment, I know soon you will be awakened by the impact of all that you’re doing. I don’t want you to have regrets. I don’t want you to have that shameful feeling of being used when you wake up. I don’t want you to give something up that doesn’t belong with anyone besides your future spouse.

I pray that tonight you look UP and let your soul be filled with all of the adoration Christ has for you. Let Him pour into you and overflow that precious, little, beating heart of yours. You are deserving of so much more than a one night stand.

Remember, modesty isn’t about covering yourself up, but revealing your dignity. 

Unashamed because of God’s grace,


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