We moved, y’all! Finally. The time came and we took the plunge. I’m sitting here typing this while looking out my window (we’re on the 20th floor!) at the beautiful city. It’s surreal. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to move to a big city and see what life could be like. Now, I’m finally here and the best part is that I’m doing it all with the love of my life 🙂

The past few days have been a whirlwind. From moving in, to buying furniture, to figuring out the public transportation system (you guys- I actually think I’ve got it down for the most part!), to going to job interviews, etc. this life feels crazy. C R A Z Y. Also, now I know why people said, “better do it now before you have kids!” The thought of having little ones in the midst of all this makes me cross-eyed.

I had an interview for a position as a “marketing manager” yesterday that went well and they  asked me to come back today for a second interview. They told me it would be a “working” interview. I, being the optimist that I am, went with high hopes of loving it, nailing it, and leaving with a job. That didn’t happen. I felt quite blindsided by this company (which shall remain nameless because I’m not out to slam anyone) and ended up walking out after the first hour. It was not what they described it would be. First of all, when I asked the guy how late I would probably be staying for this unpaid working interview today, he said, “We’ll probably be done early today since you’re super efficient, so maybe 7:45-ish!” My jaw almost hit the floor. A 10 hour “working” interview for free? My intuition kicked in. I decided to press him more about the hours of this position. He kept beating around the bush so much that I kept telling myself, oh it must be 9-5 typical corporate hours. Right? Wrong. Finally when he came out with it, I knew this wasn’t the job for me. The hours were insane. I mean Insane with a capital I. 8am-8pm Monday through Friday, plus 9am-5pm on Saturdays. Come again!!?? As soon as that information was finally made clear to me, I asked if I heard him correctly. Once he confirmed the crazy amount of hours, he tried to convince me it was worth it because of the salary. Although it would have been the most money I’ve ever made in my entire life, something just didn’t sit right with me. With sweaty armpits and an ache in my gut, I let him know that I was no longer interested in the job and awkwardly excused myself. I truly believe I handled it professionally, but my goodness it still felt SO awkward.

I now know that when a company refuses to directly answer basic questions regarding hours and compensation from the get-go, there’s probably a reason behind it. I now know that I can say, “no” and turn down something! And, I now know that different people value money over time and relationships. Anyway, the whole experience was a learning one, that’s for sure. Live and learn right? 😉 

I went ahead and created a care.com account to potentially become a nanny. At this point I’m welcoming all job suggestions, friends. Seriously, shoot your ideas at me in the comments below!

OK, now to the fun part of this post. Since so many of you have asked what our place looks like and if we like it, I decided to let you see for yourself.

Here’s a glimpse into our teeny tiny studio apartment…


Our parents both made the fridge. 😉


Our kitchen is very narrow. Adds to me to justifying why I hardly ever cook, ha!


Wine rack is beginning to be filled. #priorities


The “living room” – aka, our office and bedroom, too!


It’s actually super cozy and E and I are obsessed with how deep our couch is. We passed out on it while watching a show last night. 🙂


Turn right around and bam! There’s our “bedroom” which we kept simple and I love the canvas we won hanging above our bed.


View from our bed…see, there’s our office and living room all in one. (this is studio livin!)


Our work space which we love so much! E will be working from home here daily and I’ll be on my computer (the right side) trying not to bug him until I find a job. 🙂


Love the view from my desk SO much!

The slender hallway leading to our bathroom. Those white closets are filled to the brim with our clothes. Did I mention we purged and got rid of over 50% of what we owned prior?


Teeny tiny bathroom in a teeny tiny studio apartment 🙂


E picked out the polka dot shower curtain believe it or not!

*All photos have been taken with my iPhone and have not been professionally edited.

So, there ya have it! A little peek into our 600-ish-square footage. We love it. We hope people come visit and crash with us. (As long as they don’t mind not having any private space, ha!)

Cheers to humble beginnings! XO


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