Soul talk 

The very best mentors and leaders in my life have held space for me as I’ve discerned difficult beliefs and decisions. Now, I enjoy doing that for others. How would you like a private 1:1 phone call or zoom session with me?

Soul Talk Sessions are where I provide a listening ear and my number one gift from God: truth-telling.

Soul Talk Sessions are where I hold non-judgemental space for you, listen, and ask you questions to help you wrestle with whatever hardship or decisions you are navigating.

You and I will meet over the phone or Zoom to discuss whatever it is you want to talk about. Our time will be well-spent listening, questioning, and getting real about action steps for the road ahead.

Together, we will process, get crystal clear, discover barriers and eliminate them. This might be outside of your comfort zone, but if you are tired of feeling stuck, unsure of next steps, curious how to do something specifically that I’ve done, then Soul Talk Sessions were created with you in mind!

People usually want a Soul Talk Session to talk about: 

  • Foster Care— discernment, next steps, and other questions 
  • Writing— the book proposal process, getting an agent, and being published
  • Relationships— spouses, friends, and more
  • Faith — spiritual discernment, deep questions, and more
  • Career— calling, sustainable routines, and the path to entrepreneurship 
30-min sessions for $50 or 60-min sessions for $90

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Soul Care Retreats

Soul Care Weekend Retreats are designed for women to develop deeper connections with God and each other. These retreats are for any woman craving rejuvenation, rest, inner healing, and peace.

How often do we, as women, set aside all of our obligations and care for others to fully be present in caring for our own soul? For many of us, the answer is never.

In 2017, Manda recognized the importance of an annual retreat to be with God and rest deeply, so she decided to use her own space to provide it for women just like her – women who are often caring for everyone else, who’s schedules are insanely busy, and who have a deep longing within their soul.

With delicious food, meaningful conversation, and more, souls will be nourished, loved, and seen. Soul Care Retreats happen once every quarter. They are an intimate 3 day weekend retreat for 6-8 women in the Manda’s home, located in Chicago, IL.


Who: This retreat is for women craving space to rest, guided time with God, and other women who will laugh and cry alongside them.

What: Remember having sleepovers at friend’s houses when you were a little girl? Think of that except no mean girls, all of the most delicious food you can imagine, and a structured itinerary for time to do our inner work, rest, and play. The entire weekend is led by Manda and her co-leader, Allie.

Simplified Breakdown:

Friday: dinner, get to know each other, play some games, laugh a lot, prayer & more

Saturday: breakfast, devotional, guided inner soul work, free space, lunch, solitude time with God, explore the city together, more guided inner soul work, prayer, dinner, games, & more

Sunday: breakfast, devotional, worship, guided inner soul work, free space, prayer, lunch, pack-up

 Where: At Manda’s cozy home in Chicago, IL


Now that I’m having a baby we estimate the 2021 dates to be the following:

July 16-18, 2021

October 15-17, 2021

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