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How can I love others that I blatantly disagree with? How do I find joy in the middle of a faith crisis? Can I have liberal beliefs and be a Christian? What is my life’s purpose?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, but didn’t have a space to vocalize them, you’re in good company.

Pull up a seat as author, speaker and advocate, Manda Carpenter, creates a longer table to provide a space where everyone’s voice can be heard with intentional ears and tender hearts.

There’s no topic that’s off-limits! Tune in as Manda and her guests get raw and real about faith, relationships, social justice, politics and more.

Featured shows

We have some of Manda’s real life friends on our show today, Tracy and Chris Warhop. The Warhop’s have been married for 11 years and have a lot of wisdom to share. In this episode, Manda picks their brain about being a interracial couple, tips on how to thrive in marriage, as well as parenting biracial children.

Fellow podcast host and Jesus follower, @lindsey.maestas sits down with Manda to talk the exhausting aspects of social media including how ineffective cancel culture really is. We aren’t all going to agree and Lindsey is here to remind us that it’s okay! She provides tips on how to set boundaries, protect your heart, and how to lovingly respond with those who we don’t agree with. 

Chalet, an author, professor, speaker, and incredible single mother, is on A Longer Table Podcast today. Living proof through her experiences, Chalet is an expert on trauma, anger, and growth. Despite all of the horrible things that might happen to a person, she believes it doesn’t have to end there. Her latest book is called, “Be Mad, But Get to the Other Side” and that’s exactly what she wants you to hear this morning.


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