Some people are super into Valentines Day, but I’m just here for the chocolate if we’re being honest. I decided instead of doing a cliche list of “8 things to buy your significant other for Valentines Day” I would have a lighthearted¬†interview with my husband. I hope you enjoy it. ūüėȬ†

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Q: E, what do you think of Valentine’s Day?¬†

A: Uh, it’s totally for you…for girls in general.¬†I don’t hate it, but¬†I definitely don’t expect anything.¬†It’s about roses and all that love sap.

Q: Pink or red?

A: Red, ’cause pink is a lousy imitator of red.

Q: Fancy or natural?

A: Fancy.

Q: Go out or stay in?

A: Out, fasho!

Q: What’s something you, or any guy, would want for this occasion?

A: This one’s easy. Buy yourself a super hot dress. Have that be a present for me. Dinner with you in a super hot dress.

Q: And if I decided to go the heartfelt route?

A: I was watching The Office and Pam made Jim a storybook where he was the main character. That was prad.

Q: What’s prad?

A: Pretty Rad. Duh.

Q: Where do you get your ideas for what to do for me?

A: In my head.

Q: What do you feel is the most important thing for a husband to do for his wife on V-day?

A: Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world and that she’s the best thing to ever happen to him.

Q: How should guys express that?

A: Whatever their wife’s love language is. Could be flowers, could be PDA, might be handwritten notes, or simply having a plan for the day or evening. Majority of women I know appreciate a man who takes initiative.

Q: What’s the best part of V-day?

A: The late night festivities after everything else is over. ūüėČ

Q: Wanna dish out any advice for singles during this holiday?

A: Sure. Spoil yourself. Enjoy the time you have to be totally selfish. Don’t reflect on what’s missing or what you wish you had, but rather what you do have and what’s to come. Be grateful instead of envious.

Q: If you were single this V-day, how would you spend it? 

A: I’d get my other friends who are single together and we’d celebrate our love for each other as bros. Whiskey cocktails, good music, conversation about the good stuff.

Well, there you have it friends. My husband’s honest words behind the holiday. My biggest takeaway, don’t stress out if you can’t buy your significant other a gift and don’t stress if you don’t have a significant other. Let this be a holiday to LOVE yourself and those around you. Doll yourself up if that makes you feel good. Throw on the little black dress and some red lipstick and strut your stuff. You are beautiful!


Manda (and E)

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