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1. Letters

I used to send hundreds – yes, HUNDREDS, of handwritten letters out to strangers I met online. Now I have children in my life who consume most of my attention so I’ve switched to the next best thing: sending letters via email.

2. Space Devo

I wrote a devotional. It’s all about creating sustainable rhythms of work, play and rest.

3. Foster Care

Foster care is something I could talk about all day. It’s the thing people come to me for advice about more than anything else! I’ve got three courses: Foster Care Beginner, Foster Care Intermediate, and Foster Care Advanced (which can be purchased in a bundle!) to cover e v e r y t h i n g I’ve ever learned!

4. Soul Care Retreat

Wanna hang at my house with me? I offer an exclusive private women’s retreat a few times each year. This is known as my Soul Care retreat. It’s for women who want deep rest, meaningful connection, and inner transformation.

5. Follow 

Free things are my jam. Follow along on Instagram & Facebook so you don’t miss out on all the fun things, especially free.

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