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1. Letters

I used to send hundreds – yes, HUNDREDS, of handwritten letters out to strangers I met online. Now I have children in my life who consume most of my time and attention, so I’ve switched to the next best thing: sending letters via email that I call The Soul Scoop.  There I candidly share about faith, marriage, motherhood, soul care, social justice… and occasionally the collision of it all.

2. Space Devo

I wrote a devotional. It’s all about creating sustainable rhythms of work, play and rest.

3. Foster Care

Foster care is something I could talk about all day. People come to me for advice about being a foster parent more than anything else! Since I can’t meet with everyone on an individual basis, I created three courses that answer the questions I receive most often. My courses are Foster Care Beginner, Foster Care Intermediate, and Foster Care Advanced – they are a summary of all the things I’ve learned through being a foster parent and listening to foster youth’s perspective!

4. Soul Care Retreat

Does getting away for two nights to close all of the tabs in your brain and simply be cared for sound glorious? I offer a private women’s retreat a few times each year. This is known as my Soul Care retreat. It’s for women who want deep rest, meaningful moments with God, and inner transformation.

5. Follow 

Free things are my jam. Follow along on Instagram & Facebook so you don’t miss out on all the fun things, especially the free things like my 100 Questions to Ask Your Spouse, 100 Questions to Ask Your Friend, and 100 Questions to Ask Your Kid. Want to help launch my forthcoming book Soul Care to Save Your Life into the world? Join this private Facebook group!

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Manda's weekly letters on faith, marriage, motherhood, soul care, social justice - and occasionally the collision of it all. 

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