I’ve been having a real hard time with certain images being all over the Internet, especially Instagram.

Images that are burned into the minds of married men and young boys. Images that are sexually appealing. Images that scream temptation. Images that raise the standard. Images that reveal it all. Images that remove the soul and expose the body. Images that wreck relationships.

Seeking it out is one thing, but this is worse. You don’t have to seek it. Nude and other revealing photos of women are saturating social media. They pop up in my ‘explore feed’ randomly and they show up at times when I’m scrolling through an innocent hashtag like #workouttime. How pathetic that I can’t even look for ideas and moves for my workouts without these types of images filling my iPhone screen!

I actually stumbled upon a girl who’s my age and posts inappropriate photos of herself as a porn star. What broke my heart is that I noticed she posted a fully-clothed photo of herself having fun at Disney World, only to be followed by a shot of her boobs with the caption:

"Here's a bikini pic since 200 people unfollowed me after my Disney pic"

People are you getting this???

This twenty-something girl felt the need to post an image of her body because people unfollowed her for posting a clean image. She finds her worth in the number of “likes” and “follows” she gets. She wants to showcase her body because it makes her feel adored. She desires to be desired. She begs for attention the only way she knows how.

Rather than be annoyed and angry towards her, I decided to pray for her. In some ways, I could relate to her.

Despite my bitterness of knowing that she’s been the culprit of temptation for countless men, I love her because she’s my sister in Christ. I love her because she is beautiful on the inside even more than the out. I pray that she will come to realize this and that Jesus will grab hold of her heart and open her eyes to see herself for who she really is…

A precious, beautiful, worthy of so much more than lust and ‘likes’ daughter of Christ. And so are you! Let’s look UP to Jesus instead of OUT to the world for approval and attention.

Believing you will KNOW your worth tonight,


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