Think your words don’t matter?

Why don’t you tell that to the 24-year-old woman who, despite having a good relationship with food and exercise, still struggles with her body image?

The one who looks in the mirror and doesn’t see past her overly prominent boney shoulders you always teased her about.

The one who looks through old photo albums and can’t recall much about that day, yet somehow she can recall exactly how she felt as you gossiped about her when you thought she wasn’t listening.

The one who will never forget being told that she looked like she just stepped out of the holocaust. Or who ate the entire box of oatmeal cream pies in one sitting just to try and put some meat on those bones you always poked fun at.

To make the accusations of eating disorders stop. To make people believe her. She would go through years of striving to have a body that others would declare “normal, healthy” and, courageously even, “beautiful.”

She is me.

So, think again.

Your words matter.

But the story doesn't stop there, sister. Because He wrote the story and He 
declared exactly who you are. You are His treasure. You are perfect. You are made in His image. You are not awkward or boney or fat or ugly. You are not 
chubby or lanky or frumpy or disgusting. No. You are none of those things. 
You are unique and cherished and adored and loved. So very loved. So when 
words come at you, look up to Him and remember who you really are and that 
Love himself defined you before anything else did.

Reminding you to speak with discernment,


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