I sat between his legs as he held me, our toes in the sand and a gentle breeze in the air. This is better than our honeymoon, I thought. E agreed and kissed my cheek.

I could share plenty of good reasons as to why our mini-getaway to Folly Beach, South Carolina was significantly better than our honeymoon to the Maldives, but none of that really matters. What matters is that every now and then, you take a break from the busyness of life to re-fall in love. To make lasting memories with your best friend. To spend time with your spouse, kid-free. To remember who you are and to rediscover your purpose.

I’ve (basically) planned the trip for you, so now all you have to do is pick the dates and make it happen! But seriously.

Transportation: Two words: free flights. E and I use points that we’ve earned through our Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card to get flights for free. I strongly recommend doing this. We don’t use our debit card for anything. Instead, we put every purchase on our Southwest card and have it set-up to pay in-full automatically each month. That means we have zero credit card debt, but get to enjoy the perks of flying for free. Or if you’re within driving distance, do that. Create the ultimate road trip playlist, load up on snacks, and have a ball!

Where to stay: The Regatta Inn is the bed & breakfast where we stayed and I have never loved anyplace more than this one! You can check availability and prices (which depend on the room and time of year you’re going) online. It’s roughly $198 a night. We saved a lot of money on food though because a large breakfast was included each morning, all-you-can-eat appetizers for happy hour each day took the place of our lunch, and there were always snacks and a mini-fridge stocked with drinks free of charge.


What to do: We explored the town by renting bikes (through our B&B) and hung-out on the beach. We each brought books to read and spent time talking with people we met, too. Who needs to pay spa prices when you can create your own in the room? And it’s romantic! Just sayin’ 😉 If you NEED structured activities to do, there’s plenty of options from kayaking and boat tours to paddle-boarding and dolphin watching! Side note: We saw dolphins swimming from the window of our B&B!!!


Where to eat: If you agree that food is the most important part of any vacation, we should probably be besties. Here were some of our favorites and tips regarding each one.

  1. Woody’s pizza [We got ours by the slice and sat outside and people-watched. AKA: my favorite activity of all.]
  2. Rita’s [Great food, amazing atmosphere. Just steps away from the beach.]
  3. Taco boy [Best chips & guac and margaritas!!!]
  4. The Darling Oyster bar [Classy, but a bit pricey. E loved the Oysters. I can’t stand them!]
  5. Coast [The most romantic!]
  6. The Bearded Cafe [Super tiny and intimate. I loved the Palmetto Hipster Mocha!]
  7. Black Magic cafe [So healthy, yet SO tasty!]
  8. Closed For Business [We came here just for post-dinner drinks and it was a young, fun crowd of people.]

My two-cents on the kid-free thing: 

If your parents or in-laws can’t watch the kids while you take a mini-getaway with your spouse or a friend, DON’T feel bad asking a good, trust-worthy friend! I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I LOVE when my friends ask me if I can watch their kiddos for an evening. I don’t expect anything, though they usually pay me in wine. 😉 Not only is it a fun way for me to get my kid-fix (you understand if you’re married with no kids yet), but it feels good to bless my friends by saving them money and taking care of their babies! This trip could be just a two-night getaway that saves your sanity and spices up your marriage…it doesn’t hurt to ask a best friend to do that kind of favor for you.


I love spending time with my friend’s little ones!!!

Well, what are you waiting for??? Grab a girl friend or surprise your hubby. Unplug, get off the grid, and live it up!

*Leave a comment below sharing where your favorite little getaway has been! We’re always looking for new places to explore. 


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