Beauty can be determined more easily by someone who is blind than anybody’s 20/20 vision.

Choose your words.

Choose your actions.

Beauty doesn’t always look like America’s Next Top Model. Beauty is who you are at your core; the kind of heart you have.

Because what’s inside of your heart will inevitably flow out.

If a lot of ugliness is coming out from your mouth or in your actions, first off let me tell you – you are not alone. I’ve had my share of ugly before. I’ve had a lot of gunk flow out of my heart, but then I got to know I mean really, reallly got up close and personal with) Jesus, my Lord and Savior. And by His standards and because I am perfectly made in His image: I am beautiful. His word teaches me how to reflect that beauty day in and day out.

In fact, I am too stinkin' pretty to act ugly anymore. And so are YOU.

Heart change is real, friends. Doesn’t matter how beautiful the world thinks you are, it all comes down to your heart. So reach out to Jesus. He will reshape you and soften you and make you new.

Feeling beautiful,


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