Dear Guys On The Train, I must apologize for starters. It’s all my fault. I was eavesdropping. I tend to do that on the red line. Unlike most folks who keep their earbuds in and their music up loud, I don’t want to miss anything. I’m a chronic people watcher. And lately, I’ve found that … Continue Reading

I’ve been thinking about habits a lot lately. What mine are, what others might be, where they come from, and how they impact our lives. I’m realizing that our mindless, little habits often add up and become the sum we call: life. Sometimes I do things not because I necessarily want to, but entirely out … Continue Reading

I can’t believe it’s already October! September didn’t really happen, did it? This weekend was wonderful. Of course there were a few hiccups because that’s life, but those resolved and when I reflect on the last few days I just smile. E and I left the city to head¬†back to our hometown so that we … Continue Reading

I woke up this morning determined to finish writing this post about our awful date night last Friday, as promised in my Monday morning email, for those of you who get the inside scoop ūüôā However, I keep struggling to find the words to tell you what made this date the worst we’ve ever had. … Continue Reading

Over the last couple of years I’ve repeatedly made jokes about how I’m “no good in the kitchen.” I’m notorious for using the excuse that my mother never really cooked as justification for my disinterest in fulfilling that role. I’ve¬†admitted that on¬†numerous occasions E and I have had to pitch the meal I attempted to … Continue Reading

‘Tis the season for throwing on a scarf, ordering the pumpkin spice latte, and consuming your weight in¬†chili while tailgating at the football game on Saturday. Despite how cliche it is, I don’t hate it one bit. Fall is my absolute favorite season. (And not just because my birthday is in September.) Isn’t it funny … Continue Reading

Dear husband, mom, dad, grandma, best friends, blog readers, strangers — all y’all, A few days ago¬†I was in a funk and couldn’t pin point why. I felt anxious, which is weird because in my previous blog post I shared how my anxiety had been at an all-time low, and nothing had changed since then. … Continue Reading

You never know what life is going to be like when you undergo major life changes. Moving cities, selling your car to rely¬†solely on public transportation, and taking on an entirely different job are all things that can be rather¬†difficult, let alone all of them at once. However, it’s honestly been one of the smoothest … Continue Reading

If we’re not Facebook friends, you might’ve missed my post last Sunday in regards to how much we enjoyed our first Sunday experience at Soul City Church. As promised in the post, I will be sharing some key points from¬†the sermon because it was SO good! Before I dive in though, I wanted to give … Continue Reading

Hey friends! You guys were so sweet in regards to my latest post revealing our teeny, tiny apartment. I felt really loved and every person that’s been to our humble abode in person says, “This is so cozy!” and “It’s actually a lot more spacious than what I imagined!” so that always makes us feel … Continue Reading