I provide space and resources for inner healing and soul care.

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Soul care

Soul Care Weekend Retreats are designed for women to develop deeper connections with God and each other. These retreats are for any woman craving rejuvenation, rest, inner healing, and peace.

Soul talk 

The very best mentors and leaders in my life have held space for me as I’ve discerned difficult beliefs and decisions. Now, I enjoy doing that for others. How would you like a private 1:1 phone call or zoom session with me?

Get too attached

We have been foster parents since 2017 and have had a variety of children come through our home (ages 1-17!). Back when we first started dating, we made a decision that whenever we have more than we need, we are going to build a longer table rather than a higher fence. Our table is growing and growing. It’s our joy to #GetTooAttached and love kids well while their biological families get help and heal.

Peel the Orange

Together, E and I created Peel The Orange,  a 4-week online course designed to help you get to the fruit of your relationship. Couples are raving about it!

Peel The Orange helped us revisit key foundational things that we seemed to have forgotten about in our first couple years of marriage. It was so valuable digging deep and seeing things we’d been overlooking or completely neglecting because we’d just gotten busy. We loved the videos and would definitely recommend this course. It helped us more than we ever thought possible!
 -Alicia S.
We absolutely LOVED Peel The Orange. We read multiple books on marriage before going through this course, but found Manda & Eric’s videos and workbook questions to be a more effective and fun approach. The real-life examples they share made this course so practical and real. With hard, convicting conversations, we came out more united than ever. Now that we’re finished, we miss “hanging out” with Manda and Eric each night. This was such a blessing in our marriage and we are recommending it to all of our friends and family. 
-Veronica P.

Hey, you!
I’m Manda.

My desire is to be transparent because #ImpressingIsExhausting and I don’t have a fake bone in my body. I’ll continue sharing my beautiful mess and get to know yours if you participate in the conversation! Most of all, I hope you leave this space encouraged. You are never alone & always welcome here.


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