I provide space and resources for inner healing and soul care.

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Soul care

Soul Care Retreats are weekends of rest, play, and guided soul care practices for women who crave rest, meaningful moments with God, and inner peace.

Get too attached

In the early stages of our dating relationship, Eric and I made a decision that whenever we have more than we need we are going to build a longer table rather than a higher fence. This led us to become foster parents in 2017. We have had more than 15 children & youth come through our care – some males, some females, some as young as 1 year old and others as old as 17 years old. Our table has grown and will continue to grow as we have committed to partnering with families in crisis throughout our life. It is our joy to get too attached and love children and their parents well during a difficult time in their journey. We exhaust every effort towawrds reunifcation when it is safe and possible.


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