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Thanks for stopping by. I invest in women who want to grow their relationship with God & leadership of self and others. Whether you landed here for a word of encouragement, a dose of reality or a resource I’ve created, I’m so glad you’re here!

I'm Manda.

I answer to Amanda, Manda, or any random and wacky nickname my husband comes up with. Speaking of my husband. His name is Eric, but I call him E. We got married the summer of 2015 and I love him more than doughnuts, pizza, Carmel Macchiatos’s, This Is Us, yoga pants and well, you get the point. 



Peel the Orange Course

Want a Monthly Letter of Encouragement?

In 2015, I had no intention of launching a movement. I simply combined three of my favorite things – writing, snail mail, and encouragement – and #MonthlyLettersOfEncouragement was born!


The Space Devotional

Are you exhausted? Constantly in a rush? Overwhelmed on a daily basis? I wrote this 30-day devotional for YOU. With real-life stories and tangible action-steps, I want to help you create space for your life and grow closer to God. 

My Story.

My desire is to be transparent because #ImpressingIsExhausting and I don’t have a fake bone in my body. I’ll continue sharing my beautiful mess and get to know yours if you participate in the conversation! Most of all, I hope you leave this space encouraged. You are never alone & always welcome here.


Welcome to “our” city! Hope to meet you in person when you’re here!


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Are Unmet Expectations a Struggle in Your Life?


If you... often feel frustrated with your spouse, friends, or family

If you... struggle with jealousy and comparison

If you... believe you aren't where you ought to be in life


I wrote this just for YOU.


Snag your Free Copy of my 7-Day Devotional on Expectations!

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