January 2022 Life Recap!
January 2022 Life Recap!

January was a welcomed, slower month for our family. It began with a program to help Shia (all of us, really) get some much needed full-nights of sleep. I was convinced there was no way it would work, but within the first 48-hours he was sleeping two long naps and...

My Pregnancy Journey
My Pregnancy Journey

*Trigger warning if you have experienced loss and/or are currently navigating fertility* - Should you choose to read this post, know that I am extremely thankful for a healthy pregnancy. I do not take it for granted, and my candid answers do not negate my gratitude in...


I’m Manda

Follower of Jesus.

Wife to my best friend, E.

Forever mama to Shia.

Bonus mama to the rest. 

Intentional neighbor.



Cheerleader of the underdog.

Chocolate chip cookie obsessed.

At my best till 9PM.

For now, L.A. is home.


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